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RXGJ-3 Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine

Time:2018-11-21 08:07:00
Related introduction
RXGJ-3 Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine
Rotary series color ice cream machine is wholly made with stainless steel,it was jointed by double annular tanks,has a compact structure and nice appearance, and with characteristics of taking little space and easy cleaning. The structure of round-tank type always keeps moulds inside brine tank,which will help to save ice cream raw materials and decrease energy using. Machine adopts compressed air dive which processes smooth and with the function of multi-point failure detfction and protection.PLC control and human-machine interface operation makes the machine to achieve high efficiency running andsuitable for large-scale and various ice cream producyion, it's the latest generation of energy conservation and environmental protection products.
Main technical parameters
No Parameter Unit Numerical value
1 Maximum capacity (70-80 g / piece) Pieces/hour 3500
2 Number of moulds each row Piece 3
3 Mould Lines Piece 100
4 Power supply Phase /V/HZ 3/380/50
5 Water Pump motor for demould KW 0.75
Milk Pump motor KW 0.75
Vacuum pump motor KW /
Heating KW 10
6 Refrigerant Name -- Calcium chloride
Flow m³/h 50
7 Pipeline Brine Water pipeline mm Φ83
Air Pipeline inch 1/2
8 Cooling capacity KW About 30
9 Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2800×2200×1850
10 Weight Ton 2.5