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BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling Machine

Time:2018-11-20 19:21:08
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BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling Machine
BGJ Series Ice-cream Filling Machines are equipped with stations of automatic cup falling, cup arranging, inner chocolate spraying, ice-cream filling, nuts sprinkling, jam adding, chocolate dripping, garland, cover adding, cover pressing(heat-sealing lid)and products sending out etc. We can also design special working stations according to the customers’requirements. This equipment adopts PLC computer control and touch screen, mechanical operation composed control to make it easy for adjusting and operation. The machines are with good shape, and it’s convenient to clean. With the characteristic of large output and products are the same standards, it’s now the advanced ice-cream filling equipment in China.
Main technical parameters
Serial number Model parameter unit BGJ-6A
1 Yield Filling speed 6500-8000 12000-13500
Weight/piece Gram 50~500* (tapered ice cream 70g/piece)
2 Filling container shape Cone and wrapping paper, ordinary shaped plastic or paper cup
3 Number of pallets Piece 30
4 Number of pallets Piece 64
5 power Voltage Volt 380
frequency hertz 50
6 Total power kilowatt 3
7 Compressed air pressure Megapa 0.6~0.7
Air consumption kilowatt 1.5
8 Machine weight Ton 2.2
9 Dimensions (length × width × height) Millimeter 4800×1350×2000