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BGJ-6C Ice Cream Filling Machine

Time:2018-11-20 19:20:53
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BGJ-6C Ice Cream Filling Machine
BGJ Color Ice-cream Filling Machine is multifunctional filling equipment  that can fill ice-cream with multiple heads through intermittent rectilinear movement. It mainly produces cone ice-cream, cup ice cream, garland and rotary ice-cream, double-color and triple color ice-cream, jam ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream and plane cutting products, it uses manipulator with functions of automatic cup falling, cup arranging, cover adding cover pressing and feeding, etc. and adopts PLC computer control and  mechanical compound control. It is the current advanced ice-cream filling equipment in China
Main technical parameters
No Parameter Unit BGJ-6C
1 Maximum capacity Pieces/hour 13500
2 Ice cream weight / piece g 50-250
3 Voltage / Frequency Volt/Hz 380/50
4 Total power KW 3
5 Compressed air pressure Mpa ≥0.5
6 Air consumption M³/min 3-4
7 Dimensions (L × W× H) MM 6500×1500×2300
8 Weight Ton 2.2