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SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

Time:2018-11-20 19:25:08
Related introduction
SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel
Ice Cream Quick Frozen Channel is mainly suitable to extensively make the ice creams in different shapes in the frozen food industry. This production line can be used to make ice creams in different shapes, ice cream cones with patterns, double-layer ice creams, horizontal squeezing and rotating ice creams and cake ice creams, etc. If it is provided with manipulator, it can be also used to apply chocolate onto the ice creams with stick inside. After being equipped with freezing machine, manipulator and packing machine, it forms a complete-set production line for the whole process of freezing & forming, hardening with quick freezing, holding with manipulator, discharging and packing with auto packing machine. In the whole production process, no manual operation is required, so as to provide the great sanitary conditions for the food production.
Main technical parameters
No Parameter Unit SDA600 SDA960
1 Production Capacity Pieces / min 90 120
2 Ambient temperature 25℃ -35°C below(random thermometer value) -35°C below(random thermometer value)
3 Cooling capacity (Working conditions +30℃/-30℃) KW Kcal/h 58 50000 116 100000
4 Number of transport pallets block 600 960
5 Total Power (Defrost electric power does not include) KW 15 25
6 Total total water consumption (Water temperature 8-22 C) t/h 20 40
7 Dimensions M 10×2.6×2.88 12.5×2.6×3.28
8 Weight Ton 9 11