BNJ-600 Ice Cream Freezing Machine

Time:2018-11-21 07:50:00
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BNJ-600 Ice Cream Freezing Machine
Ice Cream Freezing Machine is an ideal machine for large-scale and continuous production of soft ice creams in the frozen food industry. It is equipped with specifically designed steamer so as to achieve the favorable effect of freezing and the steady quality of product. Moreover, its delivery pump has the delivery speed modulated with transducer, so it is simple and reliable to operate. If appropriate delivery volume and discharge expansion valve are well adjusted, it can continuously make the high-quality soft ice creams characteristic of loose structure and delicate texture.
Main technical parameters
No Parameter Unit BNJ-600
1 Feed temperature +2-+4
2 Discharge temperature -5.5
3 Maximum capacity (expansion rate 100%) L/H 600
4 Cooling capacity W 14600
5 Refrigerant R404A
6 Condensate flow m³/h 1.3
7 Motor capacity Minxing pump motor KW 0.75
Stirring r motor KW 5.5
Compressor motor KW 9.5
8 Dimensions (L ×W × H) MM 1300×780×1670
8 weight kg 525